Sunday, March 9, 2014

How does one become more self sufficient?

When you look at the political and economic landscape that we are living with, it doesn't take long before you realize its time for some self sufficiency and emergency preparedness. A major theme of my blog is going to focus on my personal experiences and methods to securing a prosperous future. One of my goals is to develop the skills and know-how for emergency situations or times of economic hardship.

Where do I start?

The best place to start is to identify what skills are most critical for emergency situations and what areas one is lacking in.

1. Health - Do you have physical and mental health? Being healthy and physically fit is obviously going to be a huge advantage during rough times.

2. Skills - What skills do you have to get you through a time when infrastructure fails? Do you know how to filter water? Do you know how to perform CPR? Do you know how to fix things? Can you defend yourself?

3. Tools - Do you have a bike to get somewhere if your car isn't working? Do you have the tools to fix things you use on a daily basis? 

4. Community - Do you know skilled people that can help you where you are weak? Do you know people who have your back in bad times?

5. Information - Do you  have the ability to acquire information? What if there is no internet access? Do you have books?

6. Energy - Can you produce your own energy, food or otherwise?

I think its important to be realistic when attempting to work on any objectives. You may never be 100% independent in any one category, but a person who is 5% independent is much better off than someone who is 0% independent. So pick a category and start working towards independance.

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